Travertine tiles

Travertine is widely used for commercial and residential use. Being a natural stone each tile has unique features that are found in no other stone. Often used externally, it is also regularly found on kitchen floors or bathroom walls and floors.

We were called to a property by a concerned customer, she had been cleaning her travertine floor tiles for years without achieving a clean appearance, it was also pitted where it had not been filled while laying leaving holes where the dirt would build up and get trapped. We concluded that we needed to deep clean the floor removing all previous sealers and ground in dirt, we then filled the holes with a matching grout and brought the shine back to the surface before sealing the surfaces to lock the shine in and protect the floor against spills and dirt build up.

She was over the moon and delighted with the results, she didn’t need to replace the whole floor like she originally thought saving her potentially thousands of pounds..

How we found the travertine floor looking dirty and helpless

IMGP3714 IMGP3717 IMGP3816 IMGP3820

After our restoration service these tiles are shining again….

IMGP3821 IMGP3822 IMGP3823 IMGP3824