Cleaning and Sealing Slate Floor in Bridgwater, Somerset

A newly laid Slate Floor in Bridgwater Somerset had been ruined by the installer by using an inadequate sealer and also applying it to a dirty floor, this action just sealed the dirt in and made it impossible to look clean.

Looking dirty and impossible to clean

Looking dirty and impossible to clean

sealing slate

We started by removing all the old sealers and deep cleaning the Slate which had some wonderful colour variations and mixing the green and black Slate tiles gave a quite unique effect

Once clean these tiles looked fantastic, we sealed them once they were dry and used an impregnating sealer to leave a natural appearance and texture as requested and left the customer feeling relieved and happy that her floor had been restored and saved.

sealed slate Cleaned and sealed Slate tiles cleaned Slate tiles


Slate has been a staple building material for roofs and floors for centuries, widely used across the country. A slate floor will last for generations but dirt, the lack of suitable sealer and general neglect can hide hidden colours that only restoration can reveal.

A prime example below of the wonderful colours hidden in a dirty slate floor….

Before ….                                                           After deep cleaning and sealing….