Quarry tiles

Quarry Tiles – Cleaning and Sealing

A classic favourite tile, available in a range of colours. These hard wearing tiles have often been used in high foot traffic areas such as reception areas and used for outdoor patio areas and porches. Although very robust Quarry tiles are often neglected and hidden under years of grime or carpets as shown below, however all is not lost they can be restored, see below for details.

Quarry Tiles Restored by Restore That Floor
We were called in to clean and restore a Quarry tile floor that had suffered years of neglect, it was found under a carpet which had been laid twenty years before to cover the dirty paint splattered quarry tiles.


First job was to remove all old surface sealers that were nearly non existent, paint spills and splashes were removed by hand and with the use of our rotary machine using abrasive pads to help remove all the stubborn marks and stains. Once the quarry tiles are cleaned they need to be allowed to dry out completely before they can be sealed.


Once dried we were able to seal with five coats of sealer ensuring full protection, needless to say the customers were amazed by the finished floor.


Sealed and ready to use for another twenty years, choice of sealers are matt, satin or gloss