Limestone cleaning and sealing Sherborne, Dorset

A lovely Limestone floor needed cleaning and sealing in Sherborne, Dorset

The natural appearance was wanted for this Limestone floor so we went to work in deep cleaning the tiles to remove any old sealers to reveal the natural stone, we then deep cleaned the Limestone and left it to dry, below you will see the half cleaned floor.

Cleaning Limestone

We returned the next day to start the sealing process, we used an impregnating sealer which enhances the colours in the stone but dries without changing the appearance of the surface of the Limestone keeping a natural feel and look.

Sealed and Cleaned Limestone     Limestone sealed and protectedLimestone floor sealed and protected


This Limestone is called Blue Lias it is still quarried in the Mendips and is 175 million years old. Blue Lias often contains fossils which stand out as the floor is polished.

It’s been used for centuries in all aspects of building and examples can be found in Wells cathedral as flooring and burial covers.

We were asked to restore a Blue Lias floor which was laid in 1760, we were not asked to replace the broken tiles but deep clean and seal them.

We started by cleaning them down an using an abrasive pad on a floor rotary machine, this deep cleans the stone removing all the old sealers and ground in dirt. Once clean and rinsed down the floor was sealed when dry with a colour enhancing sealer, this brought the Blue lias limestone back to life exposing some fossils the owner had never noticed.

Colour faded and worn………                 Colour restored and an even seal…

IMGP3841 IMGP3936

Small repairs needed………….                        Grout lines re-grouted and all sealed

IMGP3849 IMGP3933

Years of use and damaged corners……..       Holes repaired and looking much better…

IMGP3916 IMGP3932