Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Grout cleaning and sealing in Taunton, Somerset

Grout lines are very exposed whether on walls or floors and being porous they take in dirt and stain very easily. In shower cubicles the residue from shampoos and shower gels will cause unsightly staining and leave pink or orange marks on the grout making it very hard to clean.

We have restored many grout lines on wall and floor tiles and save customers hundreds of pounds they would have spent replacing old tiles because of grout problems.

We also offer a re-colouring service which cleans, colours and seals the grout lines transforming the appearance to give a clean fresh look.

Below is a typical shower cubical, the owners wanted the grout coloured and sealed rather than re-tiling the whole unit.

Before colouring, the grout is cleaned and left to dry

Groat colouring and sealing


Once dry the Grout is coloured from a choice of colours, below we used a light grey. The colourant also acts as a complete sealer stopping mould and stains from damaging the appearance.

IMG_0502 IMG_0503