Sandstone – Cleaning and Sealing

At Restore That Floor we see Sandstone being widely used as Kitchen flooring, as with any natural stone however it needs to be well sealed at the time of or after laying, this will protect it and bring out its beauty and colour.
We find alot of Sandstone that has either been laid without sealing or an inadequate sealer has been used, leaving the Sandstone vulnerable to ingrained dirt and staining. Another problem we find with stone flooring in a kitchen is that the sealer applied is stripped away by the regular use of cleaning agents not designed for that type of surface.
The variation in Sandstone flooring can be truly beautiful and quite unique so it’s always worth restoring, you will be pleasantly surprised at what Restore That Floor can achieve.
A Restored Sandstone Floor by Restore That Floor
We were called to a property that was about to have a new kitchen fitted, luckily for them they had called us round to clean a test area on their dirty Sandstone floor to see how it would clean up. If the result wasn’t acceptable they were going to have to replace the whole floor at a huge expense, you can see from the results below how thrilled they were with the complete transformation achieved.
Their Sandstone floor was looking quite dull and with no colour variation showing, this was because the original sealer was not suitable and was not protecting the Sandstone, as a result the floor was taking in the dirt and was very hard to clean.

IMGP3711 IMGP3712 IMGP3713

Look below at the difference the removal of old sealers and dirt followed by a deep clean and resealed with a colour enhancing sealer can achieve, as you can imagine they were extremely happy with the finished floor and couldn’t believe the transformation.
They do look great with their new cabinets, looks like a different floor and saved them thousands of pounds!

IMGP4029 IMGP4030 IMGP4024 IMGP4023

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