Marble floor, Bridgwater, Somerset

Cleaning Marble Floor Tiles, Bridgwater, SomersetCleaning Marble Floor Tiles in Bridgwater, Somerset

Cleaning the Marble tiles above you can see the difference beginning to show

We were called to Bridgwater in Somerset to restore some Marble Tiles, they had lost all the original sheen so were dull and scratched. To clean marble floor tiles we firstly have to clean all the dirt and grit off the floor, to do this we used Tile Doctor Neutral Tile and Stone cleaner which is diluted with water.
Once the floor was cleaned down we used burnishing pads on a floor rotary machine to remove all dirt, stains and scratches from the Marble tiles. The pads come in sets and you use each pad in sequence to bring back the polished surface.

Once the final pad is used the Marble tiles should be shinning, to protect the surface of the tiles from spills and marks we then seal the Marble using Tile Doctor Colour Grow.

Below you can see the finished floor which the customer was very pleased with

Cleaned and polished marble floor tiles

Cleaned and polished marble floor tiles

Clean Marble floor tiles

Clean Marble floor tiles


Marble Stone Maintenance, Stone Tile, Cleaning and Sealing

We were honoured to be asked to restore the Marble floor at a parish church in Devon, which had regularly been cleaned but without achieving the desired sheen finish.

We cleaned the floor down, then with burnishing pads deep cleaned the Marble aisle and Limestone steps, the final stage using the pads is to use the finest grit to restore the natural sheen. To restore the colours we applied a product called Tile Doctor colourgrow which enhances the colour, the Marble is then given a final buff.

To maintain the floors in top condition a hp neutral cleaner should be used and a final buff applied either by hand or using a rotary floor polisher. We were asked to arrange a yearly visit to keep the floor in top condition.

Looking dull and scuffed

IMGP4576 IMGP4578

After a deep clean and polish

cleaning marbleIMGP4603

Before……..                                                 After……marks removed


Before……….                                          After ……Colour restored


A messy Baptistry……….                         Back to Black and looking better..

IMGP4583 IMGP4617