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Consumer Detergent Ingredient Datasheet as required by Article 9(3) of 648/2004/EC

Product Name: Everyday Cleaner

Company: Restore That floor

Address: Abbey Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3EY

Tel: 0800 043 8453
Fax/Website: www.restorethatfloor.com

This product contains the following ingredients in order of decreasing abundance by weight:

Chemical Name / INCI Name
Water / Aqua
Triethanolamine Dodecylbenzene sulfonate / TEA-Dodecyl B Benzene Sulfonate

Amides, Coca, N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl) / Cocamide DEA

Fatty acids, Linseed Oil / Linum Usitatissimum extract

Perfume / Parfum

Consumer Detergent Ingredient Datasheet as required by Article 9(3) of 648/2004/EC

Cleaning and Sealing Slate Floor in Bridgwater, Somerset

A newly laid Slate Floor in Bridgwater Somerset had been ruined by the installer by using an inadequate sealer and also applying it to a dirty floor, this action just sealed the dirt in and made it impossible to look clean.

Looking dirty and impossible to clean

Looking dirty and impossible to clean

sealing slate

We started by removing all the old sealers and deep cleaning the Slate which had some wonderful colour variations and mixing the green and black Slate tiles gave a quite unique effect

Once clean these tiles looked fantastic, we sealed them once they were dry and used an impregnating sealer to leave a natural appearance and texture as requested and left the customer feeling relieved and happy that her floor had been restored and saved.

sealed slate Cleaned and sealed Slate tiles cleaned Slate tiles

Limestone cleaning and sealing Sherborne, Dorset

A lovely Limestone floor needed cleaning and sealing in Sherborne, Dorset

The natural appearance was wanted for this Limestone floor so we went to work in deep cleaning the tiles to remove any old sealers to reveal the natural stone, we then deep cleaned the Limestone and left it to dry, below you will see the half cleaned floor.

Cleaning Limestone

We returned the next day to start the sealing process, we used an impregnating sealer which enhances the colours in the stone but dries without changing the appearance of the surface of the Limestone keeping a natural feel and look.

Sealed and Cleaned Limestone     Limestone sealed and protectedLimestone floor sealed and protected

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Grout cleaning and sealing in Taunton, Somerset

Grout lines are very exposed whether on walls or floors and being porous they take in dirt and stain very easily. In shower cubicles the residue from shampoos and shower gels will cause unsightly staining and leave pink or orange marks on the grout making it very hard to clean.

We have restored many grout lines on wall and floor tiles and save customers hundreds of pounds they would have spent replacing old tiles because of grout problems.

We also offer a re-colouring service which cleans, colours and seals the grout lines transforming the appearance to give a clean fresh look.

Below is a typical shower cubical, the owners wanted the grout coloured and sealed rather than re-tiling the whole unit.

Before colouring, the grout is cleaned and left to dry

Groat colouring and sealing


Once dry the Grout is coloured from a choice of colours, below we used a light grey. The colourant also acts as a complete sealer stopping mould and stains from damaging the appearance.

IMG_0502 IMG_0503


Cleaning and sealing Flagstone

We were asked to restore a Flagstone floor in Odcombe Somerset, the floor was laid in 1780 and had seen many changes and use. There was damage to repair and some grouting in areas. The floor had not been recently sealed so all the dirt and grit from shoes were being ground into the stone ( which was Blue Lias ) for many years making it very difficult for the present owners to keep it clean.

Cleaning Flagstone       Flagstone

We spent two days preparing the floor for sealing, we had to deep clean the Blue Lias Flagstone and left it to dry for two days, on our return we applied two coats of Stone oil and applied a water based sealer on top to create a satin sheen, the sealer also makes it easier to clean and maintain as the dirt will easily brush and mop clean.

The photos below show how the flagstone can be restored and transformed

Blue Lias Cleaning       Blue Lias Flagstone cleaning


Cleaning and Sealing Terracotta in Crewkerne Somerset

We were called to restore a terracotta tile floor in Somerset and as you can see in the first photo the seal on the terracotta tiles had been attempted to be cleaned with bleach or acid that had damaged the sealer and left horrible smears all over the floor.

Terracotta tiles marked by acid cleaners that need restoring

IMG_0432         IMG_0433


We started by removing the old sealers with an alkaline based cleaner, then using a rotary machine with abrasive pads to deep clean and remove the most stubborn marks.

Once the terracotta was clean with sealers removed we left the floor to dry overnight. Returning the following day we applied two coats of colour enhancer topped with 5 coats of a water based sealer to create a satin finish which the customer had requested. Below you can see the finished floor which the customer was delighted with.

IMG_0472          IMG_0474


We were amazed at how hard David worked. The floor is greatly improved.              Caroline P.  Crewkerne

Marble floor, Bridgwater, Somerset

Cleaning Marble Floor Tiles, Bridgwater, SomersetCleaning Marble Floor Tiles in Bridgwater, Somerset

Cleaning the Marble tiles above you can see the difference beginning to show

We were called to Bridgwater in Somerset to restore some Marble Tiles, they had lost all the original sheen so were dull and scratched. To clean marble floor tiles we firstly have to clean all the dirt and grit off the floor, to do this we used Tile Doctor Neutral Tile and Stone cleaner which is diluted with water.
Once the floor was cleaned down we used burnishing pads on a floor rotary machine to remove all dirt, stains and scratches from the Marble tiles. The pads come in sets and you use each pad in sequence to bring back the polished surface.

Once the final pad is used the Marble tiles should be shinning, to protect the surface of the tiles from spills and marks we then seal the Marble using Tile Doctor Colour Grow.

Below you can see the finished floor which the customer was very pleased with

Cleaned and polished marble floor tiles

Cleaned and polished marble floor tiles

Clean Marble floor tiles

Clean Marble floor tiles

Ceramic tiles

Every home in the UK most probably has some sort of Ceramic tiles whether on the floor or walls, available in every colour and pattern imaginable.

We often get asked to recommend a sealer for Ceramic Tiles, the simple answer is, they don’t need one, however the grout which is porous will. We seal all grout lines.

A ceramic tile floor, needed a broken tile replacing and the grout lines repaired and sealed, we also cleaned down the tiles to remove ground in dirt. Remember we seal all grout lines so you will not get dirt absorbing into the grout, keeping it looking clean and fresh.

Broken tile repaired….

IMG_20141021_122445 IMG_20141021_150745

Cleaned and sealed Grout lines…..

IMGP3992 IMG_20141021_150704 IMGP3991 IMG_20141021_150903 IMGP3990 IMG_20141021_150847

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This Limestone is called Blue Lias it is still quarried in the Mendips and is 175 million years old. Blue Lias often contains fossils which stand out as the floor is polished.

It’s been used for centuries in all aspects of building and examples can be found in Wells cathedral as flooring and burial covers.

We were asked to restore a Blue Lias floor which was laid in 1760, we were not asked to replace the broken tiles but deep clean and seal them.

We started by cleaning them down an using an abrasive pad on a floor rotary machine, this deep cleans the stone removing all the old sealers and ground in dirt. Once clean and rinsed down the floor was sealed when dry with a colour enhancing sealer, this brought the Blue lias limestone back to life exposing some fossils the owner had never noticed.

Colour faded and worn………                 Colour restored and an even seal…

IMGP3841 IMGP3936

Small repairs needed………….                        Grout lines re-grouted and all sealed

IMGP3849 IMGP3933

Years of use and damaged corners……..       Holes repaired and looking much better…

IMGP3916 IMGP3932


Marble Stone Maintenance, Stone Tile, Cleaning and Sealing

We were honoured to be asked to restore the Marble floor at a parish church in Devon, which had regularly been cleaned but without achieving the desired sheen finish.

We cleaned the floor down, then with burnishing pads deep cleaned the Marble aisle and Limestone steps, the final stage using the pads is to use the finest grit to restore the natural sheen. To restore the colours we applied a product called Tile Doctor colourgrow which enhances the colour, the Marble is then given a final buff.

To maintain the floors in top condition a hp neutral cleaner should be used and a final buff applied either by hand or using a rotary floor polisher. We were asked to arrange a yearly visit to keep the floor in top condition.

Looking dull and scuffed

IMGP4576 IMGP4578

After a deep clean and polish

cleaning marbleIMGP4603

Before……..                                                 After……marks removed


Before……….                                          After ……Colour restored


A messy Baptistry……….                         Back to Black and looking better..

IMGP4583 IMGP4617